IBeams - Built for Speed, Titanium Tough, Versatile, Unbreakable and for a Lifetime of Wear

Do you really think a plastic $20 Pair of eyeglasses with a fancy logo made in China will protect your eyes?

NEW 2012

"Wind Rider"TM"Wind Navigator"TM"Wind Deflector"TM

Wind Acceelerator"TM"Wind Maxamizer"TM

Now also available: BRAND NEW! 7 Seconds Trans Lenses! Adjusts to varying light condition (full bright to full dark) in only 7 seconds!

TO ORDER: (908) 827-1437

IBC2012 IBEAMS PRIVATE LABEL You can order our Glasses as "Private Label"






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IBEAMS I-LifeTM & HARD-LINE TM EYEWEAR PROTECTION and performance, stylish and quality design, rugged construction and precision machined.

Our customers have used our products Motorcycle Riding, Boating, Skiing, Snow Boarding, Sky Diving and Fly Fishing. All metal frame construction precision machined T6 aircraft aluminum MADE IN AMERICA. Polycarbonate interchangeable lenses with four nickel stainless steel spring hinges keep up with your active lifestyle regardless of what you decide to do next. They are nearly indestructible and will protect your eyes from harmful rays and flying debris.

IBEAMS safety protection against, forced wind, dust particles, floating debris and dangerous UV light. ALL IBEAMS designs are ORIGINAL. Super light, stylish look with a sharp base curve and fit like a glove.

IBEAMS nineteen precision made styles, fifteen colored lenses, six colored frames that cover small, med and large features. All glasses can be custom fit to you by adjusting the frame.

IBEAMS RX glasses are available in three styles, RX1 small, RX2 med and RX3 large features.

IBEAMS (IBC) Private Label own your personalized eyewear line by simply asking about IBEAMS (IBC) We have helped many businesses advertise their company. Also private clubs, boating clubs, cycling races, motorcycle shops, swimming and racing teams.

IBEAMS NEW! PHOTO-CHANGE LENSES! 7 Second Eclipse TM Lenses PHOTO-CHANGE from light to gray in seconds outdoors in direct sun light. IBEAMS are light years ahead. Polycarbonate Lenses with a 100% UVA and UVB Block


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